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  • Beer and cheese fondue being cooked in Ooni cast iron skillet pan

    Camembert, Brie and White Beer Fondue

    Impress and indulge with this creamy, ultra-cheesy fondue dip. Serve with bread, salted crisps or potato chips, or anything your heart desires.
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  • Prawns cooked in Ooni cast iron skillet pan topped with lemon and parsley

    Cast Iron King Prawns

    Rustle up a quick side of smoky paprika prawns with white wine and fresh parsley.
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  • Monkfish fillets cooked in Ooni cast iron pan

    Simple Flame-Cooked Monkfish Fillets

    Flame cooking monkfish in a cast iron pan is a great alternative to grilling or pan frying for a quick, easy and healthy meal.
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  • Flame-Cooked Sausage with Peppers and Onions

    Flame-Cooked Sausage with Peppers and Onions

    Sausage and peppers (and onions) is the quintessential Italian-American dish. It’s also a great tailgating dish, one that’s easy to make in a cast-iron skillet and an Ooni pizza oven.
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  • Chocolate chip cookie basked in an ooni cast iron skillet pan

    Easy Salted Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie

    Serve this salty-sweet chocolate chip cookie warm and gooey with a scoop of ice cream, or cold and fudgy as a teatime treat.
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  • Rosehill Sourdough’s Discard Buttermilk Biscuits

    Rosehill Sourdough’s Discard Buttermilk Biscuits

    Transform your sourdough discard into velvety buttermilk biscuits, using lamination to achieve deliciously flaky layers.
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  • “Over-the-Pit” Buffalo wings

    Gas-fired “Over-the-Pit” Buffalo wings

    This easy gas-fired wing recipe inspired by Buffalo’s lesser-known, classic “from the pit” cooking technique doesn’t require a fryer and features authentic sauces with extra flavor and little effort.
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  • Vegetarian

    Baked Skillet Banana Bread

    Baked Skillet Banana Bread

    Banana bread like you’ve never seen before, cooked in our cast iron skillet for a sweet, caramelized crust.
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  • Vegetarian

    Sourdough Baguettes on a wooden chopping board cooked using a sourdough baguette recipe

    Sourdough Baguettes

    When sourdough gets involved, it’s got to be good. Crunchy baguettes in Ooni pizza ovens? Check.
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  • Scallop and Bacon Pizza Recipe

    Scallop, Bacon, Chive, and Parmesan Pizza

    For a special occasion, making the effort to find the best quality ingredients will pay off with this salty, scallop and bacon pizza.
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  • Vegetarian

    White Pizza with Asparagus, Chestnut Mushrooms, and Thyme.

    White Pizza with Asparagus, Chestnut Mushrooms, and Thyme

    This simple but enticing pizza from Gill Meller celebrates the earthy flavor of asparagus and mushroom, paired with tender onions and creamy mozzarella.
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  • Hot Cross Buns

    Tear-apart Hot Cross Buns

    What better way to finish off an easter feast than followed by a soft, hot cross bun?
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