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  • Cooked butternut squash, ricotta and fried sage pizza on an Ooni Bamboo Pizza Peel & Serving Board on a table next to plates, a glass of water and decorative gourds.

    Butternut Squash, Ricotta and Fried Sage Pizza

    Slightly sweet and nutty in flavor, this butternut squash, ricotta and fried sage pizza is great for a cozy and comforting fall meal.
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  • Vegetarian

    Stack of chocolate chip cookies with a glass of milk in the background

    Our Favorite Ever Ooni Volt Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Brown butter and buckwheat-inflected chocolate chip cookies bake up beautifully in Ooni Volt with this tried-and-tested recipe.
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  • Vegetarian

    Pizza with fried eggplant, cheese, tomato sauce and basil on a bamboo serving board

    Deconstructed Eggplant Parmesan Pizza

    Crispy, thin golden fried pieces of eggplant top a pizza base for a delectable, deconstructed version of Italian eggplant parmesan.
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  • Cooked fresh pesto and heirloom tomato pizza with mozzarella.

    Fresh Pesto and Heirloom Tomato Pizza

    Want the perfect recipe for showcasing fresh ingredients? Try our homemade pesto and tomato pizza.
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  • Homemade Salt and Sugar-Cured Egg Yolks

    Homemade Salt and Sugar-Cured Egg Yolks

    Cured egg yolks are an easy and delicious way to add richness and umami to any dish. Use them like parmesan and elevate your cooking! 
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  • Vegetarian

    Hand holding a cooked pizzette stuffed with baby peppers, mozzarella, radicchio and basil.

    Nancy Silverton’s Baby Pepper and Mozzarella-Stuffed Pizzette

    Try world-renowned chef Nancy Silverton’s baby pepper and mozzarella-stuffed pizzette for a sandwich like no other!
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  • Ladel spooning tomato sauce on dough covered in olive oil on an Ooni Pizza Peel.

    Nancy Silverton’s Passata di Pomodoro: Rich, Simple and Delightfully Tasty Tomato Sauce

    Nancy Silverton’s simple passata di pomodoro recipe is a classic tomato sauce that’s delicious all year round.
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  • Vegan


    Two hands touching a bowl of marinated baby bell peppers next to bowls of basil pesto, mozzarella balls, garlic confit, Cruschi peppers, radicchio and salt.

    Nancy Silverton’s Marinated Baby Bell Peppers

    Baby bell peppers roasted in salt and olive oil create a side dish, pizza topping or sandwich filling that Nancy Silverton loves.
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  • Vegetarian

    fresh basil pesto

    Nancy Silverton’s Fresh Basil Pesto

    Nancy Silverton’s basil pesto recipe is classic, straightforward and requires only a food processor and some good herbs. 
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  • leftover focaccia with tomatoes and oregano

    Leftover Dough Focaccia with Tomatoes and Oregano

    Instead of throwing away leftover pizza dough, why not make a delicious focaccia with tomatoes, olive oil, salt and oregano?
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  • Baked Eggplants with Spicy Braised Chickpeas and Yogurt

    Baked Eggplants with Spicy Braised Chickpeas and Yogurt

    If you’re craving a meal that’s both filling and vegetarian, we think this baked aubergine (aka eggplant) smothered in spicy chickpeas with yogurt is where it’s at.
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  • Vegan


    herby salad pizza

    Herby Salad Pizza

    Salad greens, fresh herbs and a tangy yogurt dressing top a pizza for a bright, fresh vegetarian dinner.
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