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  • Vegan


    Chef Fermín Núñez’s Habanero Chile Oil

    Chef Fermín Núñez’s Habanero Chile Oil

    This habanero oil from Chef Fermín Núñez of the Austin, Texas-based restaurant Suerte, is a great spicy post-bake pizza drizzle
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  • Pickled Blueberries

    Pickled Blueberries

    Easy to make, pickled blueberries are a juicy, briny summer treat. Try them as a garnish for pizza, or in salads and sandwiches.
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  • Candied Jalapeños on Pizza

    Candied Jalapeños

    For a burst of sweet heat, add these easy homemade candied jalapeños as the finishing touch on your next pizza creation.
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  • Pizza topped with cheese, tomatoes, basil being sprinkled with fried garlic chips on a wooden pizza peel

    Fried Garlic Chips

    Fried garlic chips are an easy-to-make garnish that adds crunch and flavor to any pizza topping combination. 
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  • Basil oil being poured out of a glass onto a spoon then drizzled on a pizza topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella

    Basil Finishing Oil for Pizza

    Basil oil is a potent and delicious alternative to fresh leaves on a pizza, and you can make it in just a few simple steps.
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  • Thyme, Meyer Lemon and Bay Leaf-Infused Honey in glass jars on a wooden pizza peel with fresh thyme

    Thyme, Meyer Lemon and Bay Leaf-Infused Honey

    Make citrus-flavored herbal honey at home with our easy thyme, Meyer lemon and bay leaf-infused honey recipe. 
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  • Chipotle chiles infusing in a glass jar of honey

    Chipotle-Infused Honey

    Learn how to make hot honey at home with our chipotle-infused recipe that’s smoky, sweet and spicy. 
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