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  • Spatchcock Roast Chicken with Lemon, Garlic and Herb Butter

    Spatchcock Roast Chicken with Lemon, Garlic and Herb Butter

    Spatchcocking a chicken reduces cooking time, because it lets you roast the chicken flat on a cast-iron pan in an Ooni pizza oven.
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  • Barbecue Chicken Pizza

    Barbecue Chicken Pizza

    Our riff on California Pizza Kitchen’s famous barbecue chicken pizza is smoky, sweet and fresh. Perfect for a backyard cookout.
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  • Spicy Brushed Crust Buffalo Chicken Pizza

    Spicy Brushed Crust Buffalo Chicken Pizza

    From the base to the crust, every bite of this Buffalo chicken pizza is packed with fiery flavor balanced with creamy gorgonzola.
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  • “Over-the-Pit” Buffalo wings

    Gas-fired “Over-the-Pit” Buffalo wings

    This easy gas-fired wing recipe inspired by Buffalo’s lesser-known, classic “from the pit” cooking technique doesn’t require a fryer and features authentic sauces with extra flavor and little effort.
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  • Wood-Fired Dinner Menu

    Wood-Fired Dinner Menu

    Featuring sizzling chicken and pepper fajitas, homemade tortilla, elotes, and zingy blackberry and jalapeno margaritas
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  • Chicken Lasagna

    Chicken Lasagna

    We know what you’re thinking...but this spicy harissa-infused chicken lasagna is 100% worth the sacrilege.
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  • A pizza topped with peppers, chicken, sweetcorn and BBQ sauce on a wooden pizza peel. Baked using a BBQ chicken recipe.

    BBQ Chicken Pizza

    It’s the classic BBQ feast atop a crispy pizza base - who would have thought? Impress your crowd this season with a delicious BBQ Chicken Pizza Recipe. It's topped with fire-roasted corn, chicken and sweet red peppers finished off with...

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  • Pizza topped with chicken and buffalo sauce on a wooden table top made using a buffalo chicken recipe

    Buffalo Chicken Pizza

    Don’t be fooled by its simplicity: succulent buffalo wings, tangy blue cheese and crunchy celery put this pizza on centre stage.
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  • Chicken Wings & Cauliflower Pizza

    Buffalo Hot Sauce Duo: Chicken Wings & Cauliflower Pizza - Sous Vide with Anova & flame cooked by Ooni

    Succulent chicken and cauliflower wings, sous vide with an Anova Precision Cooker and flame cooked with Ooni Koda 16 and glazed in buffalo sauce for an epic fiery wing and pizza combo.
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  • Garlic and Herb Chicken Skewers

    Garlic and Herb Chicken Skewers

    Juicy cast iron chicken skewers flame-cooked in a herby, garlicky marinade. Perfect with a sweet chilli dip and smoky roast veg.  
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  • Chicken Satay Pizza

    Chicken Satay Pizza

    Aromatic herbs and crunchy, fresh toppings meet warm peanut sauce in this Thai-inspired chicken satay pizza.
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  • Female chef tossing wood-fired buffalo chicken wings in buffalo sauce in a metal bowl

    Wood-fired Buffalo Chicken Wings

    Please your party guests with a classic that everyone can get behind - super spicy, moreish buffalo wings laced with a little honey.
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