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  • Pizza topped with cheese, tomato and pigs in blankets

    Pigs in Blankets Pizza

    Everyone’s favorite festive side has its time in the sun, or should we say, extreme heat of Ooni pizza ovens, in this mouth-watering pigs in blankets pizza recipe. Topped over a classic tomato sauce with lashings of cranberry sauce and...

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  • Vegetarian

    Roast Beetroot, Walnut and Goats’ Cheese Pizza

    Roast Beetroot, Walnut and Goats’ Cheese Pizza

    This veggie winter warmer is packed with nutty and earthy flavor, perfect with a warm cider!
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  • Zucchini Ribbon Pizza with Scallions and Garlic Butter

    Zucchini Ribbon Pizza with Scallions and Garlic Butter

    Fresh ribbons of flame-licked zucchini layered on a garlic butter base, topped with scallions and zested lemon.
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  • Vegetarian

    Porcini and Provolone Pizza

    Porcini and Provolone Pizza

    3’s a charm in this triple-cheese delight. Nutty Porcini mushrooms with Provolone, Mascarpone and Pecorino cheese.
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  • Falco Inspired NY Style Pizza

    Falco Inspired NY Style Pizza

    Cheese on the bottom, sauce swirled on top – this spin on the NY classic is dizzyingly delicious.
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  • A New Jersey tomato pie in a cardboard pizza box made using a tomato pie recipe

    New Jersey Tomato Pie

    This sturdy east coast pie is the perfect fake-away for cosy nights in, grab a slice and hit play on your favorite film.
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  • Pizza Tacos

    Pizza Tacos

    Pizza and tacos are two of life’s simple joys – imagine what happens when you combine the two!
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  • A smashburger with cheese, tomatoes and lettuce in a bun on a wooden worktop. Made with a smashburger recipe.

    Skillet Smashburgers

    Juicy flame-cooked smash burgers served straight from the pan, nestled between sweet, butter-toasted brioche buns.
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  • Bacon, Leek & Cream Pizza

    Bacon, Leek & Cream Pizza

    Drizzle your pizza base with fresh cream before and after cooking to make for a cheat’s Béchamel sauce on this moreish white pizza topped with crunchy bacon and caramelized leek.
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  • Hawaiian pizza topped with ham and pineapple on a blue table top

    Hawaiian Pizza

    Are you ready for a pizza controversy? Well we’re ready to bring it with this delicious Ham & Pineapple Pizza, A.K.A. the Hawaiian Pizza! Contrary to its name, the first Hawaiian pizza was created by Canadian Chef Sam Panopoulos, who...

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  • Hawaiian Skillet Baked Pizza Rolls

    Hawaiian Skillet Baked Pizza Rolls

    With a touch of sweet pineapple and salty cured ham, these Hawaiian themed pizza rolls are the perfect pizza party treat!
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  • Milano Salami and Arugula Pizza

    Milano Salami and Arugula Pizza

    Fiery arugula, salty cured meat and a sweet balsamic glaze. Swap prosciutto for Milano Salami in this spicy twist on a classic.
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