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Ooni in NYC: Passion for Pizza

Follow our new series, Ooni in NYC: Passion for Pizza

From by-the-slice to Neapolitan-style and Sicilian pies, New York City is a thriving hub for all things pizza. Join die hard pizza lovers and Ooni Co-founders, Darina Garland and Kristian Tapaninaho, as they explore NYC’s most famed pizza establishments and share a slice with the city’s ultra-passionate pizza personalities in our four-part series, Ooni in NYC: Passion for Pizza.

Episode 1 of 4

Paulie Giannone of Paulie Gee’s

In 2007, Paulie Giannone left a long-held but uninspiring IT job to pursue his passion for pizza, kicking off by building a brick pizza oven in his backyard. Fast forward to 2019, and he’s running two of the most exciting new pizzerias in NYC, both located in Brooklyn: Paulie Gee’s – serving Neapolitan-style pizzas from a wood-fired oven finished with modern toppings – and Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop, which focuses on large, New York-style pizzas sold by the slice, with a twist on classic flavors.

Episode 2 of 4

Maggie Mieles of Di Fara Pizza

Often lauded as serving the best pizza in NYC, the pizzas at Brooklyn’s Di Fara Pizza – going strong since 1964 – are nothing short of legendary. So, too, is the pizzeria’s owner, Domenico De Marco, who at 81 years old can still be seen behind the counter baking his signature round and square pies. His daughter, Maggie Mieles, is carrying the beloved pizza institution into its next phase, with the recent opening of a new location in Williamsburg and a focus on the business’ most important tenet – an unwavering passion for quality.

Episode 3 of 4

Giorgia Caporuscio of Kesté Pizza & Vino

Born and raised in Italy, Giorgia Caporuscio moved to the United States at 19 years old, and soon began training as a pizzaiola with her father – renowned pizza maestro Roberto Caporuscio. Nowadays, she’s celebrated as an exciting new leader in pizza, having been awarded first place in the “Classic Pizza” category (one of only two women to ever win the prize) at the 2013 Caputo World Cup Pizza Competition in Naples. These days, Giorgia heads up the Don Antonio and Kesté Pizza & Vino restaurant families in NYC, and passes on her pizza making skills as lead instructor at the Pizza Academy Foundation, opened at Kesté’s Fulton Street location in 2007.

Episode 4 of 4

Joe Riggio of NY Pizza Suprema

Before the iconic Madison Square Garden even existed in downtown NYC, Sicilian immigrant Salvatore Riggio opened NY Pizza Suprema across the road in 1964. Right up until 1988, the restaurant was long known for its ‘plain slices only’ motto, serving only pizza topped with freshly made tomato sauce and cheese. With son Joe now at the helm, this Manhattan institution has expanded into a by-the-slice buffet, offering up both large Neapolitan- and Sicilian-style pies to queues of hungry patrons.

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