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Ooni Digital Infrared Thermometer


Ooni Digital Infrared Thermometer

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Ooni Digital Infrared Thermometer

Ooni Digital Infrared Thermometer

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Remove the guesswork from your pizza-making with the Ooni Digital Infrared Thermometer. This laser-guided, high-precision tool is calibrated to read the extreme temperatures on Ooni baking stones so you get the perfect bake every time.

Designed for use during heat up and recharge periods, the Ooni Digital Infrared Thermometer ensures you always have a clear understanding of when your pizza stone is ready to cook. Numerical and color-coded temperature displays allow you to select your preferred interface and switch effortlessly between laser-guided spot measurements and wider area scans.

The high resolution LCD full-colour digital display delivers temperature information in less than 300 milliseconds, while Temperature Scan Mode allows you to easily determine minimum, maximum, and average surface temperatures for ultimate accuracy to within 4 °F. The thermometer comes calibrated specifically for the cordierite baking stones used inside Ooni ovens, but an adjustable emissivity setting lets you easily read steel and other materials and finishes.

The thermometer comes with Duracell® batteries included, and a removable hang loop attachment for convenient storage between uses.

Not intended for medical use.

      • Precision performance for the perfect bake every time 
        The Ooni Digital Infrared Thermometer combines laser-guided accuracy and ease of use with a sleek, yet durable design. 
      • Easy-to-read, full color display
        The easy-to-read digital display allows you to quickly check how hot your stone is, so you know exactly when to launch your pizza every time. 
      • Temperature scan mode 
        By determining the minimum, maximum, and average temperatures of your stone in one simple scan, the thermometer provides ultimate accuracy during heat up and recharge periods. 
      • Ergonomic design & hang loop 
        With a contoured, ergonomically-designed handle, smooth and durable thermoplastic casing and a padded trigger, the Ooni Digital Infrared Thermometer has been engineered with comfort in mind. Easily store the thermometer by attaching it to Ooni tables using its removable hang loop attachment. 
      • Advanced emissivity setting 
        Automatically calibrated for use with cordierite Ooni pizza stones, the thermometer’s emissivity setting is also adjustable to more accurately measure temperatures of different materials and finishes, including steel and cast iron.
      • 1 x Ooni Digital Infrared Thermometer
      • 2 x AAA Duracell® Batteries
      • 1 x User Manual
      • Safely measure surface temperatures without contact
      • Laser-guided to precisely measure every cooking zone
      • Backlit LCD screen is easy to read, even in low light or direct sunlight
      • Color temperature ring indicates ideal baking temperatures
      • Adjustable emissivity; preset for Ooni baking stones
      • Scan mode records an area’s min and max temperatures for ultimate accuracy
      • Temperature readings in both Fahrenheit and Celsius
        • Range of -22 °F and 999 °F (-30 °C and 550 °C)
        • Accurate to within the larger of 2% or 4 °F
      • 10:1 distance-to-spot ratio
      • Includes removable aluminum hang loop for use on Ooni tables
      • Comes with 2 AAA Duracell® batteries included for five hours of continuous use


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