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Terms & Conditions - Dan Richer x Ooni Giveaway April 2024
Terms & Conditions - Dan Richer x Ooni Giveaway April 2024

Terms & Conditions - Dan Richer x Ooni Giveaway April 2024

Specific Terms

  1. 1.  About these terms
    1. 1.1. Thank you for taking part in the Promotion. We’re so excited that you want to enter our Promotion. Our mission is to make sure anyone can make great pizza, and this Promotion is one small step in helping to make that mission a reality.
    2. 1.2. What these terms cover. These terms set out all the details of the Promotion together with some (admittedly tedious, but necessary) legal stuff.
    3. 1.3. How these terms work
      • a. This document is called the “Specific Terms”. It sets out all the exciting bits of the Promotion - including details of the things that we’re giving away - and tells you how to enter the Promotion.
      • b. Unfortunately, our legal team has insisted that these terms be read alongside our Standard Terms, which are available at
      • c. The Standard Terms set out the boring (but very important) terms and conditions applying to the Promotion. They are incorporated into these Specific Terms. You must read them carefully.
      • d. The Standard Terms and these Specific Terms are together known as the “Promotion Terms”.
      • e. By submitting an Entry you agree to the Promotion Terms.
    1. 1.4 Definitions:
    2. Capitalised terms used in these Specific Terms have the meaning given to them in the Standard Promotion Terms unless otherwise defined in this document.
    3. 2. Specific Terms
    The What
    First things first, what is the Promotion?

    This is the Dan Richer x Ooni Giveaway for April 2024 (the “Promotion”)

    Who is the Promoter?

    Ooni US

    Is this a “Prize Draw” or a “Mass Giveaway” promotion? This Promotion is a Prize Draw
    The When
    What is the Promotion Period (i.e. when will the Promotion run)?

    The Promotion Period will start at 07.00 (Pacific Time) on Thursday 11 April 2024 and ends at 17.00 (Pacific Time) on Thursday 2 May 2024 (the “Promotion Period”)

    What date will the draw take place? On or about Monday 6 May 2024 (the Draw Date”)
    The Who
    Who is Eligible to take part in the Promotion/ what countries and regions is the promotion going to run in?

    To enter the Promotion you must meet the General Eligibility Criteria and either: (a) the United States Eligibility Criteria; or (b) the Canadian Eligibility Criteria, in each case as described in the Standard Terms.

    Because this is an “Email Entry” promotion, that means that, amongst other things, you must be subscribed to the Ooni newsletter and have provided us with a consent to marketing at the time of any Prize Draw or Substitute Prize Draw in order to be eligible to enter the Promotion.

    If you meet the relevant criteria you will be an “Eligible Participant”.

    The How
    How can you enter the Promotion? To enter the Promotion you must visit the Promotion Site and complete the entry form.
    How many Entries are permitted per Eligible Participant? One
    Can you earn Bonus Entries for referring a friend? Yes
    Is there a Promotion Site? If so, what is the URL?
    (the Promotion Site)
    What is the Promoter's Instagram Account? OoniHQ
    The Why
    Prize Draw promotions

    What will the Prize consist of?

    One Ooni Karu 12G Multifuel Pizza Oven; one Ooni Steel 13; one Ooni Bamboo Peel; and one copy of “The Joy of Pizza” signed by Dan Richer (together the “Prize”)
    How many Prizes will there be? One
    What is the approximate retail value of the Prize? $599
    The Where (actually, this is just “the Who to”, but our promotions team said we had to complete the five W’s)
    Is there a third party involved in this Promotion? No
    Is the Co-Promoter providing any portion of the Prize? If so, what portion of the Prize is the Co-Promoter providing? N/A
    What is the Co-Promoter's Instagram Account? N/A
    Is there anything else you need to know?
    Are there any other special conditions applying to the Promotion?


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