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Giant Cast Iron-Baked Yorkshire Pudding

Giant Cast Iron-Baked Yorkshire Pudding

For Brits, the humble Yorkshire pudding is a must-have for any Sunday roast. Whatever your chosen main (succulent beef, chicken, lamb, or sausage), the Yorkshire pud often transcends its category from mere ‘side’ to showstopper. And yes, for any bemused Americans, the word “pudding” is used liberally in British cuisine. In this instance, the Yorkshire pudding (similar to American popovers) is made from a simple batter that’s cooked in hot oil and rises in the oven to become a crisp, round, pancake/ bread hybrid. It’s a bit eggy, a little savoury, and wholly delicious, especially when served with lashings of gravy. 

Enter this GIANT Yorkshire Pudding. Cooked in a cast iron skillet, the 9-inch (23-centimeter) circumference is generous enough to support an entire roast dinner or, in our interpretation, quality sausages and thick gravy. To ensure the edges brown evenly when cooking in your Ooni oven, we recommend turning the pudding every 20 seconds or so. This will help it form a crisp shell while staying tender and chewy inside. 

Notes: To make extra, simply double or triple the volume of ingredients. We chose to serve sausages and gravy with this pudding, but what you choose to accompany it with is completely up to you. 

35 minutes

Serves one as a main or two as a side

Ooni Pizza Oven
Ooni Cast Iron Skillet Pan
Ooni Infrared Thermometer

2 tablespoons (25 grams) vegetable oil
⅔ cup (75 grams) all-purpose (plain) flour
pinch flaky sea salt 
2 eggs, beaten
⅓ cup plus 1 tablespoon (100 milliliters) half-skim milk

Fire up your Ooni pizza oven, aiming for 425°F (220°C) on the baking stone inside. 

If cooking with gas: Keep the oven at its lowest setting.

If cooking with wood/charcoal: Aim for a low flame, using a charcoal bed if possible.

Evenly coat the skillet with vegetable oil and place it inside the oven to preheat (roughly 5 minutes, or until the pan reaches 375°F (190°C).

Sift the flour and salt into a large bowl and make a well in the center. Using a wooden spoon, steadily stir in the eggs until smooth, then gradually add the milk and beat until completely combined. 

Carefully remove the pan, pour in the batter and immediately return it to the oven. If cooking with gas, place the pan at the mouth of the oven. If cooking with wood/charcoal, place it at the mouth of the oven and keep the door open. 

After 2 minutes, the batter will begin to rise. Keep a close eye on the pan, as the dough will expand rapidly. Once this begins to occur, turn the pan every 30 seconds to ensure one side doesn’t color too quickly and burn. Once the growth has peaked, continue to cook at the mouth of the oven until the middle and sides are a deep golden brown (roughly 7 minutes).

Remove the pan and serve immediately.

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