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Haggis, Potato & Cheddar Pizza

Haggis, Potato & Cheddar Pizza

Scotland’s national dish is haggis, a mixture of minced lamb, beef, offal (organ meats), oatmeal and spices. Ooni is based in Scotland – our HQ is just outside Edinburgh – so of course our favorite way to enjoy this traditional ingredient is loaded up on a Neapolitan-style pizza! Combined with crisp potatoes and sharp cheddar, it’s warm, cheesy and comforting. 

It’s the best of Scotland meets the best of Italy. In pizza form. What’s not to love?

Notes: Can’t find haggis in your region? Dress up ground lamb with warm spices and pepper or try making a vegan version using chopped mushrooms. 

30 minutes

1 x 12” pizza

Ooni Cast Iron Sizzler Pans (2)
Ooni Pizza Dough Scraper
Ooni pizza oven
Ooni Infrared Thermometer
Ooni Pizza Cutter Wheel or Pizza Cutter Rocker Blade 


8.8 ounce (250 gram) Classic Pizza Dough ball (see note below)
5 tablespoons Classic Pizza Sauce (see note below)
3.5 ounces (100 grams) haggis
1 baby potato, peeled and thinly sliced
1.4 ounces (40 grams) cheddar cheese, grated
Olive oil


Prep your pizza dough ahead of time. To make a 12" pizza, we recommend prepping dough balls that are 250 grams (8.8 ounces) each. Our guide to making the perfect Classic Pizza Dough covers everything you need to know.

Once your dough is ready, prep the pizza toppings. In a bowl, soak the potato slices in lightly salted water. This will remove the starch and help them to crisp up nicely in your pizza oven.

Fire up your oven, aiming for 850°F to 950°F (450°C to 500°C) on the stone baking board inside. Use an infrared thermometer to quickly and accurately check the temperature of the stone.

Drizzle some olive oil into two separate Sizzler Pans and place into your Ooni to preheat. Once warm, remove and place the haggis and potatoes into separate pans. Cook for 2-3 minutes inside your Ooni.

Place a dough ball on your lightly floured work surface. Push the air from the center out to the edge using your fingers. Stretch the dough out to a 12-inch-round base, then lay the stretched dough over your lightly floured pizza peel or countertop. Using a spoon, top with the pizza sauce, then cover with haggis, potato slices, and cheddar. 

Cook for 60 to 90 seconds, turning the pizza regularly to ensure an even bake.

Once cooked, remove the pizza from the oven, finish with a drizzle of olive oil, slice, serve and enjoy!  

Make it for yourself. Make it for your friends. Make it for your family. 

…But, most of all, make it for Scotland.

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