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Invite Ooni to Your Next Tailgate

Picture this: You’ve just arrived at the big game. You might just be the team’s #1 fan, and you and your crew have had this tradition of showing up early to drink, cook out, and hang with other superfans since forever. We know tailgating isn’t exactly a competition, but there’s something that feels good about having the best setup, right? It doesn’t need to be said, but we all know it’s true.

Do you really want to bring out a run-of-the-mill grill to warm up some sorry hotdogs? Or will you be pulling out your Ooni pizza oven and cooking up wood-fired masterpieces on site like tailgating royalty? That’s what we thought.

It’s coronation time.

Tailgating food, pizza and hamburgers

Which oven is right for my tailgate?

When it comes to portable ovens ideal for any tailgating setup, our 12-inch options rule the day: You’ll want to check out the Ooni Fyra 12 Wood Pellet Pizza Oven, the Ooni Koda 12 Gas-Powered Pizza Oven and the Ooni Karu 12 Multi-Fuel Pizza Oven.

Ooni Fyra 12 Wood Pellet Pizza Oven

This powerhouse oven burns hardwood pellets to give your pizza that can’t-be-imitated wood-fired flavor, but it’s still super easy to carry around. (It actually has its own carrying case.)

We designed the Fyra 12 to get really hot really fast, and boy, does it do that well. If you’re looking to flex on the other tailgates and show why yours deserves a spot in the tailgating hall of fame, try cranking out a bunch of Neapolitan pizzas in only 60 seconds. Jaws are guaranteed to drop as people line up for seconds and maybe even thirds.

Ooni Koda 12 Gas-Powered Pizza Oven

If wood pellets aren't your thing and you’re looking for an oven with a fuel source that takes care of itself, try cooking with gas in our Koda 12 oven. All you have to do is connect a propane tank and get started. The gas will feed into the oven at a steady rate for a low-maintenance cooking experience ideal for chatting with friends between pies. Using the heat control dial on the side to adjust the flame and temperature takes fuel management out of the equation, leaving you free to worry about what matters most: making awesome pizza and being the envy of every tailgate around you. If you’re feeling charitable, you can even offer to make some pizzas for your new admirers.

Ooni Karu 12 Multi-Fuel Pizza Oven

For all the pizza purists out there, let us draw your attention to our Karu 12 oven. Cook with wood or charcoal for a classic, wood-fired pizza experience, or take advantage of cooking with gas using the optional gas burner for ease and speed. This small but mighty oven imparts all the flavor of a commercial wood-fired oven but manages to be extremely portable, too. Once people get a taste of your back-of-the-truck pies, yours will be the most popular spot at the tailgate. 

What else will I need for my tailgate?

There are a couple of accessories every pizzaiolo needs for a successful bake — even tailgate pizzaioli slinging pies in the parking lot.

Ooni 12″ Bamboo Pizza Peel & Serving Board

This peel does double — some might even say triple — duty, serving as a stretching and topping surface, launching peel and serving board. It’s an absolute essential for beginning pizza makers and experienced pizzaioli alike, a go-to tool that serves multiple key functions. The moisture-resistant bamboo surface on this peel is smooth, to help reduce friction and prevent sticking. Plus, serving on a wooden board will earn you serious style points, trust us.

Ooni 12″ Perforated Pizza Peel

Although your bamboo peel does a lot you’ll need one other peel to actually retrieve your pizza from the oven. You always want one peel that can remain at ambient temperature to launch your pies, since the one that gets hot from going into and out of the oven will cause dough to stick to the peel. Enter the perforated peel.

This high-quality aluminum peel is ideal for launching, turning and retrieving pizzas from your oven. The tapered front edge slides easily under pizzas while the perforations aid in launching and retrieval by removing excess flour and allowing steam to escape from the freshly crisped base.

Ooni Pizza Topping Station

Prepare your toppings at home beforehand and painlessly transport them to your tailgate with our pizza topping station. Each topping station comes with two large and four small containers, each with its own clear lid for overnight stacking in the fridge or transporting in the cooler. On the day of the game, just remove the lids and slide the containers into the weather-resistant frame to keep all your toppings at hand.

Ooni Infrared Thermometer

Never lose a pizza to a cold baking stone again when you use an infrared thermometer to check the stone temperature before launch. Cook with more precision and prevent sticking by checking that the stone is up to your desired temperature range before launching and after recharge periods. This one tool will take you from average pizza maker to extreme tailgating pizzaiolo with consistently top-tier pizza every time.

Start building your next game day tradition by adding an Ooni oven to your starting lineup. The payoff is a tailgate everyone will be talking about for years to come. Totally worth it in our books.

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