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Uuni becomes Ooni - FAQ
Uuni becomes Ooni - FAQ

Uuni becomes Ooni - FAQ

Uuni becomes Ooni

Today, we are changing the spelling of our name to Ooni.

Ooni’s history
From our humble beginnings in 2012 – when the idea of making the world’s first portable pellet pizza oven was made possible by 142 Kickstarter supporters – we’ve now grown to a team of 30 people with a truly global reach. It is you, our awesome community, who have allowed Ooni to become what it is today. 

As we grew, our name had a couple of challenges. A lot of people couldn’t pronounce or spell it! Sometimes it would get autocorrected to ‘Unni’. Or people would pronounce it ‘you-nee’, or spell it as ‘Uni’ and Google would offer them suggestions on where to go to university. We’re all for education, but that wasn’t really our goal...

So we decided it was time to make a change: let’s not change our name, only the way it’s spelled!  

So how do you pronounce Ooni?

Ooni is still pronounced the same as it always was - ‘oo-nee’. Our new phonetic spelling makes this clear, and it’s up to you if you want to adopt a little Finnish accent! Listen to an example of how to pronounce Ooni.

What does this mean in practice?

  • Our website is now
  • Our email addresses have changed to
  • Our Twitter account has changed to @OoniHQ, and our hashtags are #ooni and #oonified. Our Instagram account will soon change to @OoniHQ, too.
  • Our Facebook page and YouTube channel have been renamed to Ooni, and Facebook group is now Ooni Community

What will happen with products

  • Nothing changes immediately! You still get the same Uuni Pro, Uuni 3 and our range of accessories. Same great performance, design and price!
  • Over time, we will gradually rebrand products, but this won’t happen immediately.
  • In future, any new products will be launched as Ooni

Why have we changed the spelling to Ooni?

As Uuni has expanded into different countries, it’s become apparent that the word ‘Uuni’ is being pronounced differently around the world. As we are a truly global brand, we have decided to change the spelling of our name from ‘Uuni’ to ‘Ooni’, which is the phonetic spelling. The pronunciation of the word isn’t changing at all – it has always been ‘oo-ni’, we’ve just tweaked the spelling to make it as easy as possible.

Will Ooni products be stocked in the same retailers?

Our products will still be available to purchase from all the existing retailers and valued partners Ooni currently works with.

I've just ordered an Ooni product. Will it be delivered with Ooni or Uuni branding?

There will be a phased approach to the rebrand, so as we transition, some products will continue to feature the original Uuni logo and branding while others will feature our new Ooni logo and branding straight away.

Are there new Ooni products in the pipeline?

We’re always innovating - stay tuned! We’ll update newsletter subscribers first :)

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