Ooni is a Certified B Corp!
Ooni is a Certified B Corp!

Ooni is a Certified B Corp!

We’re delighted to announce that Ooni is now a Certified B Corp!After a rigorous assessment and verification process, we’re proudly joining a community of like-minded companies and leaders who business as a force for good.

“This is huge news for Ooni. We’ve always strongly felt that business should be a force for good and becoming a certified B Corp has been an ambition of ours for a long time. It was an incredibly thorough process that has resulted in best practice across the entirety of the business. These policies and practices are now locked into the way we work at Ooni, which is a massive step on our path to becoming a regenerative business.”

Darina Garland, co-CEO and co-Founder of Ooni

So, What Does it Mean to be a B Corp?

The “B” in B Corp stands for “Benefit for all.”

The world we operate in faces significant challenges that can’t be solved by governments, non-profits or individuals alone. Now more than ever, businesses today bear the responsibility to positively impact their workers, communities, customers, and the planet –– and that’s where B Corps come in.

B Corporations (or “B Corps”) are companies that have been verified by B Lab™ to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency. Certified B Corps go through the “B Impact Assessment” –– a rigorous assessment with more than 200 questions covering 5 topics: governance, workers, customers, community and environment. A business must also amend their Articles of Association, thereby embedding a legal commitment to consider the impact of all decisions on all its stakeholders, not just the shareholders.

The B Corp community spans 89 countries, 159 industries, over 500,000 workers and now, over 6,242 B Corps.

Find out more about B Corps.

Ooni’s Certification

In order to become certified, a business must achieve a verified score a minimum of 80 points on the assessment (the average score for businesses is around 50.9). We were certified with a score of 80.1 –– and while we’re thrilled for the certification, we know we’ve still got more work to do. 

Check out our B Corp profile to see our scores for all five categories.

Back in 2017, when we were just a small team of 17, we began using the B Corp framework to shape how we used Ooni as a force for good. A lot has changed since then (Ooni now has over 350 employees spreading the joy of pizza to over 80 countries worldwide), but our values and passion for pizza and the planet have grown even stronger.

This framework led us to implement new projects (like transitioning from pensions to ethical funds and measuring our carbon footprint across our supply chain) and helped us formalize a lot our current processes. Evaluating all aspects of our business helped us gain a deeper understanding of our impact and helped us define our goals moving forward. In 2022, we pledged to become a regenerative business, which means we’ve pledged to give back to society, the environment and the global economy more than we take. In alignment with the B Corp movement, Ooni is focused on giving back to all of our stakeholders for the good of society and our planet. 

Our vision is to help people around the world make pizza at home in a way that has a positive impact on the planet and its people. As part of this, our strategy is steered by our quadruple bottom-line drivers of the “Four P’s”: People, Planet, Profit and Pizza.

Our assessment was submitted in October 2021, then underwent verification with the B Lab team in the fall of 2022. The process was extremely thorough and involved multiple teams across the business. After about 18 focused months, we received our certification on January 9th, 2023. 

Next Steps

We’re just getting started. 

Our B Corp certification is a big cause for celebration, but we know our work is far from over –– there’s much to be done, and our verification experience was just the beginning of our work to do better and ultimately improve our score, year-over-year. 

Our B Corp Certification means that we’ve stepped into a framework for continuous improvement –– we must work hard to meet the rising standards for social and environmental performance, and will go through the certification process and evaluation again in January 2026, just 3 short years from now.

Check out our Impact Page and 2021 Impact Report for some of the initiatives that helped us meet our B Corp certification. A full update with more recent initiatives will be published in the next few months in our 2022 Impact Report.


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