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Tomato and Ricotta Pizza in wood-fired oven

Here is a simple Tomato and Ricotta pizza recipe that provides a great alternative to the traditional margherita. Although it’s great on its own or with a salad, this recipe also works very well with roast asparagus spears and tender-stem broccoli on top.

These heathy extra toppings make for a colourful and hearty feast. To add large pieces of green veg to a pizza; you can pre-roast them in the Ooni with some olive oil prior to putting them on the pizza.

Tomato and Ricotta Pizza Recipe


Classic dough

Classic sauce

Ricotta cheese

Sun-dried tomatoes

Fresh chives, chopped


First, light up your Ooni and allow it to heat up. While you wait, spread your classic dough over a well-floured pizza peel. 

Cover the dough base with a few spoons of Ooni’s classic sauce, followed by a handful of chopped chives. Next, scatter several sun-dried tomatoes over the pizza. 

Slide the Tomato and Ricotta pizza into the Ooni and allow to cook for 2-3 minutes, rotating at least once or twice to maintain an even cook.

When your pizza looks golden brown and piping hot, use your pizza peel to remove it from the heat. 

Finally, add a few dollops of ricotta cheese. Season to taste.

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