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  • Diaspora Tandoori Fish with Burst Cherry Tomatoes

    Tandoori Fish with Burst Cherry Tomatoes

    Spicy Tandoori Masala from Diaspora Co. spices packs tons of flavor into this super simple fish and tomato cast iron recipe.
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  • A pizza cut into a shape of a clover topped with pesto and ricotta on a wooden pizza peel

    St. Patrick’s Day Pesto Shamrock Pizza

    For a striking St. Patrick’s Day treat, try this shamrock pesto pizza using our downloadable template.
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  • Vegan


    A pizza with mushroom ragu mince and rocket on top on a wooden pizza peel

    Ottolenghi-inspired Mushroom Ragu “Mince” Pizza with Cashew Cream and Arugula

    Yotam Ottolenghi’s mushroom ragu makes for a meaty (yet meatless) base for this pizza. Pair with cream and rocket for a healthy, unique pie. 
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  • Grandma Pizza

    Grandma-style Pizza

    Soft, bouncy, cheesy goodness. This NY-inspired Grandma style pizza is true comfort in a slice.
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  • Chicken Lasagna

    Chicken Lasagna

    We know what you’re thinking...but this spicy harissa-infused chicken lasagna is 100% worth the sacrilege.
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  • Bloody Mary Vodka Pizza

    Bloody Mary Vodka Pizza

    When Marinara met Mary: a vodka tomato base with salty, spicy notes of tabasco, bacon, and shavings of fresh celery.
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  • Ultimate Breakfast Pizza

    Ultimate Breakfast Pizza

    How do you like your eggs in the morning? We like ours on a pizza, with salty bacon, sweet tomatoes and hot sriracha.
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  • Ribeye steak with honey butter asparagus

    Umami Ribeye Steaks with Honey Butter Asparagus

    Umami-mia! This dual sided grizzler recipe features juicy ribeye steaks and salty umami butter, surrounded by tender asparagus.
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  • Vegetarian

    Roasted Greek Salad

    Roasted Greek Salad

    Where warm meets cold, and smoky meets sweet. Simplicity speaks volumes in this wood-fired twist on the classic greek salad.
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  • Vegan

    Tomato Schiacciata

    Tomato Schiacciata

    Schiacciata, meaning “pressed”, is a springy, focaccia-style bread from Tuscany.
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