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  • Vegetarian

    Diaspora Co.’s Paneer Tikka Pizza

    Diaspora Co.’s Paneer Tikka Pizza

    Soft paneer cheese marinated in Diaspora Co.’s Tandoori Masala blend is a saucy and delicious take on the paneer tikka appetizer.
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  • Kashmiri Kanda/Girda in a white bowl on a wooden worktop

    Kashmiri Kander/Girda

    British Indian chef and cookbook author Romy Gill’s Kashmir kander/girda is a delicious flatbread that’s great with chai.   
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  • Vegetarian

    Sourdough naan breads on stacked on a white plate using a sourdough naan recipe

    Sourdough Naan

    For the perfect side or snack, this garlicky sourdough recipe is second to naan.
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  • Vegan


    Sourdough Roti

    Sourdough Roti

    These simple 3 ingredient flatbreads are best served warm with lashings of butter.
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  • Avocado, Coconut & Goan-style Prawns Pizza

    Avocado, Coconut & Goan-style Prawns Pizza

    Top your next pizza with spicy-and-tart, skillet-roasted prawns plus . This fresh and fiery pizza comes from Mumbai-based Pizza Taste Tester Pallavi Gurtoo, using her Goan-style Prawns recipe that’s traditionally called ‘prawns balchao’.
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  • Goan-style Prawns

    Goan-style Prawns

    Spicy and tart, this fiery prawn dish hails from the coastal area of Goa in India, and is usually called ‘prawns balchao’.
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