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Seafood Feast made with Uuni (BBQ Week)

Marcus Bawdon from Country Wood Smoke has joined us for BBQ Week and offered his tops tips for cooking a seafood feast in Uuni!

Wood-fired Seafood Feast

I’ve become a big fan of cooking in a wood fired oven over the years, and seafood works particularly well cooked in the searing dry heat of a wood fired oven at 300+ deg C. Shellfish such as scallops, mussels and razor clams are a definite winner for me.

I’d recently been sent a Uuni sizzler pan to add to my collection, giving me room to fit 2 pans in the Uuni 2S at a time. I’d picked up some lovely shellfish to cook and a couple of handfuls of samphire.

One of my favorite simple flavours for shellfish, and a difficult one to beat is drizzling the hot shellfish with garlic, lemon and herb butter.

I melt a good knob of butter, stir in a couple of finely chopped garlic cloves, a good squeeze of lemon, and a handful of fresh chopped parsley, and then simply drizzle over the shells.

Mussels and scallops are well loved shellfish, but razor clams are less well known, due to being tricky to get hold of. I am lucky that my local farm shop stocks these reasonably regularly as “fishing bait” but I love to eat them..

There are no fancy techniques or methods to cooking seafood like this, just pop on a hot cast iron sizzler and into the wood fired oven running at 300 deg C, these can be cooked on a hot BBQ too.

A few minutes at these temperatures are enough to cook the seafood, then drizzle with the tasty melted butter. I cooked the razor clams and mussels first, then the scallops in the herb butter. I then loaded a plate up to serve with steamed samphire and a wedge of lemon.

A crisp white wine and a chunk of crusty bread would work really well here too.

– Marcus Bawdon
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