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Ooni Pro: Charcoal & Kindling [How To]

By now you may have heard about the amazing Ooni Pro multi-fueled outdoor oven. In short, this is the first outdoor oven to include a multi-fuel function, capable of running on wood, charcoal or gas.

For our community, we have prepared a series of demonstration videos to show you our products first-hand. To start our video series we will demonstrate how to light and cook with Ooni Pro.

First up, charcoal & kindling.

Not only is this our favourite fuel of choice, lighting and maintaining charcoal and kindling is incredibly easy, as is keeping a consistent temperature throughout your cook.

In this video, Kristian fires up steak and a side of vegetables- roasted to perfection in just a few minutes in Ooni Pro!

The award-winning Ooni Pro is still available at a discounted price for a limited time only.  This super-versatile oven is a must-have for all outdoor cooks and pizza fans and makes the ideal centerpiece for your garden or outdoor kitchen.

Ooni Pro Features and benefits:

  • Ooni Pro can run on wood, charcoal or gas, giving users ultimate flexibility
  • Ooni Pro reaches temperatures of up to 500˚C/932˚F in 20 min
  • Ooni Pro can cook delicious, authentic pizzas in only 60 seconds
  • The cooking surface of The Pro is double that of the previous models
  • Pro users can bake bread, roast large cuts of meat and other dishes as well as create pizzas that are up to 16” in size
  • Each Pro comes with charcoal and kindling burner, Ooni gloves, a regular handled door and an innovative pizza door as standard.
  • This Ooni can be transformed into a gas powered oven with the Gas Burner accessory
  • Unlike traditional ovens Ooni is transportable and is easily moved or stored away.

Now it’s time to try one of those pizza recipes you’ve been holding on although you can’t miss with the Classic Pepperoni Pizza.

Join the outdoor cooking revolution!

Food. Fire. Ooni.

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