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Kid's Party with Ooni

Although you should keep kids and animals away from Ooni ovens when they are fired up, you can get them involved in creating delicious pizzas, kebabs and everything in-between. In fact, cooking with Ooni can mean personalised pizzas for all. Something kids will love getting involved with. We’ve got tons of ideas for parties, so buckle up and get ready for some top tips…


At the heart of exceptional parties… food! With Ooni, cooking time is super speedy, meaning multiple creations.

Set up a pizza making station with a variety of toppings. Make 4” pizza bases so kids can create their own and ask them to name their personalised pizza! Get some paper chef hats and encourage the kids to decorate them.

Pizza isn’t for everyone, so offer up kebabs and baked potatoes too. Invite party goers to make their own kebabs with pre-chopped vegetables and marinated meat.

For dessert…? Leave some room for a sweet pizza. Marshmallows, bananas, chocolate. All in a folded pizza. Holy moly. For a healthy option, trip pineapple sticks sprinkled with brown sugar.

Good Fun

Get party goers to make their own placemats. Blank paper and pens is all you need for them to create a personalised setting.

Kids love beating a piñata! Instead of party bags, fill the piñata with small wrapped toys and sweets. At the end of the party beat the piñata and each kid gets to take away a couple of things from the piñata.

Make water more exciting by hosting a drinks trolley… A couple of jugs of iced water along with a selection of fruits for kids to add to the water, plus obligatory cocktail umbrellas!

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