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Christmas Dough Baubles in Ooni oven

We are well and truly into party season – and Ooni is great for making all sorts of hors d’oeuvres. Get festive and make these little Christmas Dough Baubles for your office party.. or snack on them while you wrap up your presents!

Christmas Dough Baubles Recipe

Classic Dough
Good quality packet of honey roast ham, finely chopped (you can also use quorn)
Packet of dried cranberries
Packet of camembert (for the veggie options)

Light up your Ooni.
Have your classic dough at the ready and start to tear off small sections. Each section should be flattened into a circle that’s about 5cm (2”) in diameter and no more than a third of a centimeter thick.
Once you’ve used up all the dough you can start stuffing each circle. Place a small pinch of ham and a cranberry on each circle, fold over and shape into a ball. We experimented with some cranberry sauce, which was delicious!

You can use a teaspoon of Camembert instead of the ham for the veggie baubles. But make sure you do something to differentiate between veggie and meat though, as once sealed it will be hard to tell!

Once you’ve crafted all of your Christmas dough baubles you can place them in a pan and put them into the Ooni to cook for about 3 minutes. Be sure to keep turning the dough balls to give them an even colour.

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