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Asparagus Pizza with Sweet Potato & Feta Cheese

The combination of sweet potato and salty feta and fresh asparagus flavours makes this Asparagus Pizza one of Uuni’s most popular vegetarian recipes! You get the perfect roasted veggie taste by popping the sweet potato and asparagus in a pan in the Uuni with a bit of oil and seasoning for a couple of minutes prior to topping your pizza with it.

The results: Shazam! Magic.

Asparagus Pizza Recipe


– Classic dough

– Classic sauce

– 4 asparagus spears

– 1/2 small sweet potato

– Mozzarella

– Handful of crumbed feta

– Salt & pepper to season


First light up your Uuni.

While you wait for your Uuni to heat up, wash and peel your sweet potato.

Once fully peeled, chop the sweet potato into very small cubes (about 1-2cm).

Now, wash your asparagus spears and chop the ends off. Place the vegetables in a roasting tin with oil and seasoning. (rosemary tastes great in there too!) Take out of the Uuni after a couple of minutes when browned nicely.

Next, spread your classic dough over a well-floured pizza peel and cover with a few tablespoons of classic pizza sauce.

Add a few slices of mozzarella, followed by your roasted asparagus spears and sweet potato cubes.

Slide your pizza into the Uuni and allow to cook for 2-3 minutes. Use your pizza peel to turn the pizza at least once during this time to ensure an even cook and colour.

Once the Asparagus Pizza crusts are looking golden brown, remove the pizza from the heat and crumble a small handful of feta over the top. Season to taste.


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